3 Small Steps With Major Effect That Will Get Rid Of Self Doubt

September 24, 2017







You know how long it took me to write the article ? or is it even an article ? I’ll just call it a motivating piece for now ! I haven't written an essay since I graduated from university which is  not so long ago…it's been only 10 years !! That is long enough to build rust on my writing skills, and every time I open my shiny new laptop and start typing something, it usually does not exceed a sentence. Then I realized that I’m missing out on a lot here; what I’m doing to myself negates what I do with people! 

So I decided I’m going to get rid of that shiny, fancy frame that I always try to put my self in, and it’s time to give my self permission to speak from the heart, and once you speak from the heart, words flow.

We all doubt our selves at some point in our lives, some of us over come these doubts and some just befriend them till it holds  them back from reaching their full potential.

Here are three steps that are simple yet powerful, and you can practice them to get rid of self doubt:


1. Be Aware of It:


Creating awareness of what's going on internally is the platform to a better life, take sometime (call it meditate, reflect, or journal...whatever works for you) on your emotions and thoughts. Connect with your mind and  heart, start identifying the voices, statements, thoughts, and stories that are happening inside you. what are the limiting beliefs that are holding you back ? Is there a pattern ?


2. Check & Challenge:


It's time to prepare that raunchy cup of tea, sit on your cozy couch, snuggle under that fuzzy blanket and have a deep conversation with your self. Now that you are aware of what's going on, it's time to examine your thoughts and feelings. (remember this is not an interrogation scene and you are not putting your self under that hot spot light). Ask your self gently yet firmly: How true are these thoughts or feelings ? How do I know ? Who am I becoming with this thought pattern ? What am I stopping here ? How are these beliefs and thoughts are keeping me “small” ? Whats does it take to play “BIG” ?


3. Shifting Your System:


You did a great job so far !! tap your self on the shoulder. Now that you had a friendly non judgmental conversation with your self, you’ve already built trust in your positivity and capabilities of identifying and solving your own issues. It’s time to walk the talk; switch your energy to focus and “yes I can !” mode because you know what ? YES YOU CAN ! Let go of all those negative and limiting beliefs, give your self permission to take charge of your own mind set. Look for the positivity,  what you have learned from the previous you,  and start showing your new self some evidence and prove of your capabilities.


PS. Its not crazy to repeat some phrases or mantras to your self through out the day, things that keep you going, such as “I’m capable” or “ I can” or “ I trust my self”

Or to avoid those weird looks from your husband and family, just post them on your mirror. 

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