Lets Explore!

  • Where do you stand in your life right now?

  • What do you want to improve and work on?

  • When are you living in flow?

  • What values are you honoring in your life?

We will explore together and I will guide you through with my coaching skills and experience, champion you and hold the space for you through your highs and lows. 

Major Areas That Your Life Rotates Around
  • Career/ Studying 

  • Finance

  • Family 

  • Friends/ Relationships

  • Significant other/ Romance

  • Self Growth

  • Health & Well being

You Will Walk Away With


  • Discover your core values and identify who you really are.

  • Discover your strengths and overcome your challenges.

  • Learn how to look at an issue or an obstacle from different perspectives. 

  • find out about what fulfills you and what is your purpose in life.

  • Gain more discipline, learn about structure, motivation, and courage to be more productive and successful.

  • Process your emotion and learn more about your inner self in depth.

  • Find the balance between different life areas. 

  • Learn how to live a creative life. 

  • Learn what matters to you and how to prioritize.

  • Self-manage and holding your self accountable. 

  •  Self-acceptance and love.

How do you want me to coach you?

In my coaching, I focus on the client as a creative, resourceful human being rather than a student receiving a lecture. We will work together to  focus on YOU; your feeling, emotions, reactions, thought pattern, energy. 


All the small details that are surrounding you are for you to manage, because hey ! You are a creative human being who is able to solve your own issue !


I'm here to support, hold a safe space for you to be, and hold your agenda to do !

I meet my clients in private sessions, and I also offer online coaching sessions for my clients convenience.

Assessment & Consultation

If you are a high school student, a fresh graduate looking for your dream career, an employee shifting careers, a parent who lost your passion in life, a team leader, a newly married couple...


Imagine walking into college, a job interview, or marriage, leading your team with a manual for your self and for others! I'm serious!


I provide an assessment tool and a consultation service to measure your interests, usual behavior, underlying psychological needs, and behavior under stress in numbers and percentage. 


This method is the premier advanced assessment because it uncovers and interprets more data about behavior, motivations, personality, career titles and suggested jobs that are most suitable for you. 


Your reports will impact every relationship in your life by allowing you to understand how your motivation, behavior, and perceptions are unique to only you. This profound self and interpersonal knowledge have unlimited applications to many areas of your life.


It is different than the other assessment methods because it focuses on highlighting the strengths (and challenges) that each person has, expressing that while everyone is different, we all have a value that we bring to the table. 

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